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  2. 南京萬拓建筑裝飾工程有限公司

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          南京萬拓建筑裝飾工程有限公司簡稱萬拓裝飾,萬拓裝飾組建于2009年總部于古都南京注冊資本1010萬,擁有國家建設部頒發的設計與施工資質證書,是專業從事中高檔家裝、寫字樓辦公室、店面連鎖、商務賓館餐飲會所等裝飾工程的設計與施工一體化公司,可提供工程咨詢,工程造價商務核算等項目服務。并提供中央空調、消防改造、綜合布線、辦公家具、門禁監控等一體化服務。堅持“品質源于專業,細節決定成敗”的管理機制、合理的專業技術人員框架、精良的專業設備、精湛的施工隊伍,從而有效地保證每項工程質量達到“科學 管理,工藝精湛,品質優秀,顧客滿意”。


         公司目前由工裝設計部,工程監理人員調度辦公室,采購商務部,工程招投標商務部,工程造價預算部,工程項目一部、二部、三部等部門,現已成為江蘇廣播電視臺合作單位,南京價格誠信展示單位,南京消費者滿意展示單位,江蘇省重質量 講誠信 創品牌 三滿意示范單位等榮譽稱號。


         Nanjing WTO Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (WTO construction)was established in 2009 with registered capital of 10 million 100 thousand, headquarter located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of China, is specialized in  the design and construction of building office, business hotels, restaurants and clubs and store chain and etc.  Effectively guarantee construction quality achieve a level as scientific management, exquisite process, excellent quality, customer satisfaction by persisting in reasonable professionals framework, exquisite professional equipments and excellent construction team. Appling "quality derived from profession, details determine success or failure" as management principle.

         Company unremitting establish the "quality of life, to serve as fundamental to the credibility of law from customers want most and doing things from the customer to change from the most dissatisfied." Sense of service, attention to every project, from start bit by bit, so satisfied with the products and services that do not live up to customers' entrusted. Both positive "to attract talent, develop and retain qualified personnel," the talent to grow business in order to better serve the community, and always uphold the "integrity, professionalism, innovation, win-win," the purpose to present "life, work and do enterprises, "the company motto. Proof of the pudding, time will know the people. Enterprises have been colleagues and customers the support and love in constant development, both staunch "specialized in the design, skilled in construction, real on price" policy and practice to guide social needs.